Drills and Impacts

CRAFTSMAN® Drill, Drivers and Impacts include V20* Cordless and Corded models, and super-duty reversible right-angle drill for tight spots.

Impact Drivers (8 Results)

Take on a wide range of projects with CRAFTSMAN® Impact Drivers designed to deliver power and torque. Drive screws and bolts into a variety of materials and tackle heavy-duty projects with pride.

Impact Wrenches (8 Results)

CRAFTSMAN® Pneumatic, Corded, V20*, and Cordless Impact Wrenches are at home and in the garage, giving you the power to take on a variety of automotive repair and maintenance tasks.

Hammer Drills (6 Results)

Heavy drilling in concrete and masonry requires hammer drill performance. CRAFTSMAN® Hammer Drills are available in corded, cordless, and brushless cordless models as well as V20* Brushless SDS Rotary Hammer.

Rotary Hammers (2 Results)

CRAFTSMAN® rotary hammers are ready for all your heavy-duty drilling and chiseling tasks for those tough materials in your projects. Like a hammer drill, you’ll find our rotary hammer spinning and pounding while drilling, but using a strong piston mechanism. Get bigger holes faster with CRAFTSMAN® rotary hammers.

Right Angle Drills (1 Results)

CRAFTSMAN® never cuts corners. Take on tight spaces with Right-Angle Drills featuring a compact design and a 90º angle. Get around obstacles and into small spaces with CRAFTSMAN® right-angle drills.